Hello and Welcome. My name is Larry Sisneros.  I was born in Northeastern New Mexico.  I was raised by my grand parents Juan and Tomasita Archuleta Sisneros. Before my grandmother passed on, she told me that her grand-mother was kidnapped at about the age of three by Native Americans, which was common in those days. She returned home when she was about 16 years of age and she had a baby boy which was my grandmother’s  father, my great-grandfather. I recently did my a DNA test and found that I am about 35% Native American. Which is probably why I love making Native American art. My style of jewelry is Spanish Colonial, Southwest, and Native American.
I began making jewelry in 1990. First, I began by looming seed beads, making earrings and peyote stitching. Later, I went on to make chokers and necklaces. My passion was to learn to make  jewelry using metals. When I moved back to New Mexico in 1996, I had the opportunity to learn. I made friends with people that made jewelry and learned a lot from them. I took a couple of classes to learn how to cut metal, stamp, solder, buff, and set stones. In 2015, I took a lapidary class and found I enjoy making my own cabochons which is cutting and shaping stones to use in my jewelry.